Walk Starts Tomorrow

Just  back from Anne and Pete’s wedding in County Antrim. Great occasion.  Probably not the best preparation  for a big walk but wouldn’t have missed it for the world and the wedding was planned well in advance of my walk!

Now the reality. Starting walking tomorrow. Two voices in my head:

1. ‘Will be great to get out there and actually start the walk and see how the plan pans out’.

2. ‘Whose smart idea was this?’

No 1 is winning at the moment. Couldn’t do it without Noelle’s support and she’s 100% behind the whole idea.

Talking of ideas, my good friend from Leeds University days, Liz Navin Jones, sowed the seed of the idea when we met her and her husband Mike in Leeds about 8 weeks ago – she’s walking the coast of GB for fun. That got me thinking that I could do similar in Ireland but for the cause which had so much significance for me in recent time: The Irish Cancer Society. www.cancer.ie

So here I am at the stage of packing to go. Received a great boost when I got back from the North and maps from Ordnance Survey Ireland had arrived. http://www.osi.ie


OSI are supporting my walk with the sponsorship of a complete set of Discovery Series maps. Wonderful. Despite all the online navigational aids available today, I still think that there’s nothing to beat a good Ordnance Survey map for planning a walk and checking your route.

So, after an interview with Clare FM tomorrow I’m off to Newquay to do a warm up 16km walk to Ballyvaughan before my official start from Hyland’s Burren Hotel at 10am on Tuesday morning. Reminds me of ‘one small step for man .. etc’ or probably more aptly ‘each journey of 4000km begins with a single step’.






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