Rules of the Coast For Cancer walk. On FaceBook, this post provides a link to my blog.

Since starting the Coast For Cancer walk, I’ve been conscious of the need to establish, in my own mind, a set of rules to help me when deciding which route or path to take. So far, these are my rules for the Coast For Cancer walk; I’d like to share them with you.

  1. No rule is more important than the physical, emotional and personal well being of the walker.
  2. All rules are organic in nature and subject to change as the walk unfolds.
  3. The route of the walk will be as close to the coastline as is possible, safe and sensible.
  4. The walk will follow established coastal paths, tracks, national Ways and beaches where possible.
  5. Roads will be used in the absence of the above.
  6. Rivers and river estuaries do not constitute coastline.
  7. Where a river or estuary is encountered it will be crossed, as close to the coast as possible, by whatever means is available.
  8. Where bridges and ferries exist for ease of travel across narrow harbours, loughs and inlets, they may be utilised.
  9. In the case of roads, the roadway which runs closest to the coast will be used.
  10. In relation to rule 9, where the access and egress roads to a road closer to the coast are each longer than the road closer to the coast and where walking a more landward and parallel road does not affect the integrity of the coastal route, the walker reserves the right to choose which road to walk. (Don’t worry, I know what this means!).
  11. In general, islands will not be walked.
  12. Where an island provides a stepping stone from one section of coastal walk to the next and there is one way on and another way off, the walker reserves the right to walk the island either on the seaward side or the landward side; whichever is more desirable.
  13. Headlands which have one route out and the same route back may be skipped, if the walker so wishes.
  14. The list shall not have 13 rules 😉.



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