Is Strangford Lough part of ‘the coast’?

I’ve completed 1800km of my round the coast of Ireland walk for cancer charities. The walk so far has taken me along the entire coastline of Munster and Leinster, so now for the next legs, as it were, the Ulster and Connacht coasts. I’ll be recommencing on the 20th March outside Newry and walking the northern shoreline of Carlingford Lough as I continue my journey northward. While in Northern Ireland, I’ll be fundraising for The Cancer Centre, Belfast.

I have to decide whether to walk the shores of Strangford Lough or simply hop on the ferry at its mouth from Strangford to Portaferry and proceed up along the east coast via Ballywalter and Bangor. The alternative is to take three days walking up the lough’s west coast towards Newtownards and then back down the east coast to Portaferry.

So, the question is:  Is Strangford Lough ‘the coast’? Does it form an integral part of the Northern Ireland coastline? Will I be shortchanging my supporters and, indeed, myself if I skip across that tiny stretch of water at its mouth on the ferry?

Your thoughts would be most welcome (I hope!).


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